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We are ALLSTARSIT, the nexus between talent and global innovation

Our mission is bringing talents for global innovation

We are the number 1 IT employer in Ukraine, according to the leading platform for software developers.

Our core values

Integrity creates trust. As an organization, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset. Individually, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.
It is our belief that collective effort is stronger than the sum of individual parts, and creates better outcomes for everyone. Cooperation and teamwork lead to synergy.
Learning & development is the pillar that supports professional and personal advancement. We value and develop our employees’ diverse talents, initiative, and leadership.

Our vision

Be the globally preferred software house in the field of IT outstaffing by providing the highest quality services and top global talents, hereby helping our clients achieve their aspirations.


ALLSTARSIT is an international Software R&D, Technical Support, and Talent Acquisition service provider established in 2004. The company specializes in software development services for clients across industries as diverse as cybersecurity, healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, media, and more.
Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, ALLSTARSIT operates development hubs across the whole CEE Region (Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, and Bulgaria), Israel, and Dubai. Additionally, ALLSTARSIT has Tech Customer Support offices in the LATAM region, with a HQ in Colombia. The company has over 1000+ talented Software Engineers and Tech Specialists spread across all locations.

Our R&D centers

AllSTARSIT R&D centers in CEE region
Warsaw, Poland
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Haifa, Israel
Prague, Czech Republic
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Bogotá, Colombia
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Bucharest, Romania
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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Our leadership

Solomon Amar CEO at AllSTARSIT
Solomon Amar
One of our driving principles is the creation of strong and resilient software development teams with the help of the most talented programmers in Israel & the CEE Region.
Read more about Solomon Amar
Olga Tsymbaliuk
Olga Tsymbaliuk
Chief Operating Officer
Read more about Olga
Mila Miller
Mila Miller
Chief Customer Officer
Read more about Mila
Anastasiia Chernenka
Anastasiia Chernenka
Head of Recruitment
Read more about Anastasiia
Olha Pidpaliuk
Olha Pidpaliuk
DPO & Legal Advisor
Read more about Olha
Polina Poliakova
Polina Poliakova
Chief Marketing Officer
Read more about Polina
Iryna Teut
Iryna Teut
Customer Success Manager
Read more about Iryna
Christina Zavertana
Christina Zavertana
Head of HR
Read more about Christina
Alex Amster
Alex Amster
GM & Head of Global Staffing Services
Read more about Alex
Alex Amster
Valentina Castaño Vásquez
General Manager in Colombia
Read more about Valentina
Alex Amster
Yoav Bar-Nov
Senior Staffing Solutions Expert

Our history

We are the no. 1 IT employer in Ukraine, according to the leading platform for software developers.
Established in Israel
Solomon Amar registered the company in Haifa and hired a small team for helping companies to hire top talents in Israel
First Office in Ukraine
Huge demand for tech talents prompted AllSTARSIT to expand to other markets. The Ukrainian office became a fast-growing branch and connected Israeli high-tech companies with the Eastern European talent pool.
Offices in Poland and UAE
Reflecting the remote work era, AllSTARSIT registers entities in Poland and UAE. The Polish entity works with experts and clients in the EU. Meanwhile, the office in Dubai (UAE) gathers experts from all around the world and becomes our Multinational Tech Hub.
LATAM HQ in Bogotá, Colombia
Tech Support services become popular and many companies require 24/7 contact with customers. AllSTARSIT helps with remote tech teams around the globe.


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