1. Candidates for referral must be submitted through the form. The referrer needs to provide his/her name, surname, email address, and attach referral’s CV.
  1. All positions at ALLSTARSIT are eligible for Refer a Friend by default. Once the application is submitted, the Recruiting team will confirm eligibility for bonuses within reasonable time.
  1. If one candidate is submitted by several referrers, the valid referral is the one submitted first via the form.
  1. If the referred candidate has been in process with ALLSTARSIT for the same or another position through another channel in the last six months or is already in the candidates database, they will not be considered as a referral.
  1. If candidates meet the requirements for the position, our Recruiting team will contact them within 10 business days after submission.
  1. Existing ALLSTARSIT employees and contractors are not considered referrals.
  1. People cannot refer to themselves.
  1. Each referral is only eligible for one bonus (a referral fee).
  1. The amount of the referral fee is determined on the ALLSTARSIT website. It depends on the roles, qualifications and level of the referral, as well as the contract remuneration for the position and its location.
  1. Recommending one person for two or more positions does not lead to multiple payments.
  1. The full referral fee of 100% will be paid after 6 months of successful employment or engagement of the referral at ALLSTARSIT. The payment will be made within 30 days after final approval and upon receiving the referrer's invoice.
  1. Referrers eligible for bonuses will receive an additional call, email or instant message from our team with additional instructions on how to get their bonus.
  1. Participation in the “Refer a Friend” bonus program is possible only for ALLSTARSIT employees or contractors, but not for external individuals and agencies.
  1. ALLSTARSIT is not obligated to hire or engage a referral.
  1. ALLSTARSIT will conduct interviews only with those referred candidates who meet the requirements and will also extend employment or contract offers only to suitable candidates.
  1. ALLSTARSIT is not required to pay any bonuses and fees if the above requirements are not fulfilled. Additionally, ALLSTARSIT reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend, cancel, or modify referrals as we deem fair and appropriate.
  1. All bonuses are in USD and will be converted and paid in respective currency. ALLSTARSIT is not responsible for any incorrect data provided by the referrer to make a payment.
  1. The displayed amounts are gross amounts and are subject to applicable taxation. The referrer is responsible for paying any sales, value-added, withholding, or similar taxes in relation to receiving the referral fee.
  1. The Recruiting team and hiring manager of ALLSTARSIT are excluded from receiving referral fees from the “Refer a Friend” program.
  1. The referrer must inform the referral about the recommendation and obtain explicit consent to share its personal details contained in the referral's CV. If the referral does not give consent or is not informed about the recommendation by the referrer, the referral fee will not be granted.
  1. ALLSTARSIT will request consent from the referral for the processing of personal data for recruitment and engagement purposes. If the referee does not grant the required consent to ALLSTARSIT within 30 calendar days of the request, the referee will not be considered in the recruitment process at ALLSTARSIT. In addition, their data will be removed and the referral fee will not be granted to the referrer.
  2. ALLSTARSIT reserves the right to update these terms or its policies relating to the “Refer a Friend” program at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on the website and/or any other platforms we use (i.e. applications). These updates will be effective upon posting. It is the users’ responsibility to regularly check for updates to these Terms. Continued participation in the “Refer a Friend” program after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification. If the modified terms are not acceptable, the only recourse is to stop sending referrals or participating in the “Refer a Friend” program.