Let’s dive into the fresh insights from AI experts, meet up, network, and enjoy sparkling wine in the heart of Kyiv!

April 10
6:30 PM



About event

ALLSTARSIT is successfully running the AI & Wine Networking series globally, so if you're passionate about exploring AI trends, connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, and savoring a glass of sparkling wine along the way, then your only option is to be a part of our event!

Come join us at our upcoming AI & Wine Networking event right in the heart of Kyiv on April 10th. It's going to be an evening filled with inspiring conversations, sparkling wine, and fantastic company. 
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What awaits you?

6:30 PM 

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7:00 PM

Educational Insights 
Yevhen Batsiun
Developer Team Lead at ALLSTARSIT 
Victor Levchenko
Co-founder & CTO of Adsme
"Creation and Use of AI in Business"
  • What is AI, and what is not?
  • The potential of AI in traditional business and possible risks.
  • Barriers to AI integration in business: challenges of non-AI usage.
  • Developing your own AI: from creating a prototype in 15 minutes to full integration within a year.
Raisa Fedorovska
Head of EMA Academy and CyberSecurity School
"How scammers use ChatGPT"
  • "80 or 2" – how to break ChatGPT’s gender statistics?
  • What connects Stanley Kubrick's "A Space Odyssey" with breaking ChatGPT’s moral constraints?
  • How to make ChatGPT cook C10H15N using a cult TV series?
  • Unintentional thief – how do AI cybercriminals use AI?
  • Why have Samsung, Apple, and American banks banned employees from using ChatGPT?
Paul Wahtel
CEO & Founder
"AI agents and their configurations"
  • What are AI agents?
  • What types of agents exist?
  • How can they be applied in business and why?
  • How to configure agents to work as needed for you?

8:15 PM 

Networking Time

Why join the event?

Meet AI experts who are at the top of their game

Learn how AI can make your life easier – stay ahead of all technologies

Connect with a wide range of people – from CEOs to startup founders – and grow your network

Make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine

Drive Ukrainian AI community 

Network in the heart of the city and feel the buzz  

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