AI for Business: Challenges and Opportunities

AI opens up new doors for businesses, but what about the challenges it brings?
Let's talk about these and other topics in our panel discussion over a glass of wine.

May 29
6:30 PM
BC Gulliver, Tower A (Sportyvna square, 1a)


About event

ALLSTARSIT is successfully running the AI & Wine Networking series globally, so if you're passionate about exploring AI trends, connecting with like-minded enthusiasts, and savoring a glass of wine along the way, then your only option is to be a part of our event!

Come join us at our upcoming panel discussion right in the heart of Kyiv on May 29th. It's going to be an evening filled with inspiring conversations, wine, and fantastic company.

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What awaits you?

6:30 PM 

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7:00 PM

Panel Discussion
Petro Savych
Marketer, Business consultant,
Founder of Sales Marketing System Company
Maksym Moneta
Venture Partner at Founder Institute, Founder of Startupers platform
  • What is AI, and what is not?
  • The potential of AI in traditional business and possible risks.
  • Barriers to AI integration in business: challenges of non-AI usage.
  • Developing your own AI: from creating a prototype in 15 minutes to full integration within a year.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
PhD., CEO at DevRain, CTO at DonorUA, Microsoft RD/AI MVP
  • "80 or 2" – how to break ChatGPT’s gender statistics?
  • What connects Stanley Kubrick's "A Space Odyssey" with breaking ChatGPT’s moral constraints?
  • How to make ChatGPT cook C10H15N using a cult TV series?
  • Unintentional thief – how do AI cybercriminals use AI?
  • Why have Samsung, Apple, and American banks banned employees from using ChatGPT?

8:00 PM 

Networking Time

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Meet AI experts who are at the top of their game

Learn how AI can make your life easier – stay ahead of all technologies

Connect with a wide range of people – from CEOs to startup founders – and grow your network

Make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a glass of sparkling wine

Drive Ukrainian AI community 

Network in the heart of the city and feel the buzz  

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