Behind the Curtains of ALLSTARSIT Band: An Insider's Perspective

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Behind the Curtains of ALLSTARSIT Band: An Insider's Perspective

ALLSTARSIT has taken a unique step in promoting employee talent and team spirit by creating a corporate band of staff who have received corporate music lessons. This initiative highlights the employees' musical abilities and nurtures a sense of unity within the organization. With the ALLSTARSIT Band now a part of the company's culture and events, a new dimension of creativity and enjoyment is sure to be added.

The band has quickly become a hit with company events, entertaining guests with their performances. Working alongside such brilliant and talented colleagues is an honor for all. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview the band members and learn more about their experiences.

Maksym Ivanov, electric guitarist 

Data Annotation & Computer Vision Team Leader

"Since my childhood, I have been involved in music. I learned solfeggio and music history at school and participated in choir classes. At the same time, I received drum lessons at a music school, but unfortunately, most of that knowledge has faded away.

It wasn't until relatively recently that I started playing the guitar. Initially, I taught myself, but eventually, I began taking classes with Roman, a music instructor at ALLSTARSIT. I started taking these classes as soon as I joined the company, and it has been an exciting experience for me.

Initially, I was meant to play drums in the band, but I declined as I thought I would need more time for rehearsals due to personal reasons. I don't even remember how I ended up becoming an electric guitarist for the band.

I am grateful for how things turned out, 'cause it's been so much fun! Our rehearsals are a mix of chatting, jokes, notes, and activities."

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Ira Gadalova, pianist

Recruitment Team Leader 

"As a child, I longed to play the violin, but circumstances and my mother's aspirations led me to choose the piano. Fortunately, this instrument quickly became my favorite, and I graduated from music school in the 8th grade. Despite my desire to continue playing, music took a backseat in my life for some time. However, when the opportunity arose to work with Roman in our company's band, I was thrilled to have a chance to focus on something that brings me joy.

After hearing positive reviews from colleagues, I signed up for music lessons and now try to practice during breaks. I love our rehearsals for the ease and great atmosphere. We undermine discipline a little, but Roman pretends not to notice for now :) But seriously, we support each other and rejoice when it works out or cry when it doesn't. It seems to me that we always have fun :) I remember the moment we were at the recording studio – everything was so serious and professional, including consoles and recording equipment. And then we heard ourselves on the record and collectively cringed

Yevhen Batsiun, guitarist

Full-Stack Developer Team Lead 

"In 2008, I first tried my hand at music, specifically the guitar, when I performed at a small academic concert. Despite several unsuccessful attempts at self-teaching, the presence of a teacher within the company made it seem logical to resume my studies. Besides, I've always loved the guitar, as many of my friends play it, and it's a versatile and enjoyable instrument.

Around the fall of 2021, I began practicing again and joined the newly-formed company band in November. While I initially worried that my other hobbies would take a backseat to rehearsals, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join the group. 

Our rehearsals are so much fun. We start off joking into the microphone but eventually begin playing songs until we find the perfect melody."

Eva Shevchenko, vocalist

HR Operations Manager 

"I began my music practice at ALLSTARSIT, where classes with Roman helped me to develop my vocals. Before that, I sang at home, "in my soul," and even in the church choir, which is a story for another time. Since the fall of 2021, I have been working with the company and a part of the band since its inception. 

Our rehearsals are always filled with positivity and jokes. Really cool and positive people have gathered in the band, so, in addition to playing music, our rehearsals are filled with jokes and an atmosphere of camaraderie. We gather, set up our instruments and begin creating music."

We couldn't not ask Roman, the ALLSTARSIT music teacher and band's spiritual leader, what he could tell about the bandmates:

"Everyone has their own talents: Eva is a strong vocalist, as a real frontwoman. She is emotionally presented on stage; she was born for this. Ira — a talented and attentive pianist, plays any part of any complexity and is silent, but everything depends on her. Yevhen -the team's charisma- should be on stage at least to smile at the audience and joke, but he knows his parts and plays them very well too. Maksym — a conceptual musician, knows a lot, even knows a little about music theory, usually dives in himself and plays for his own pleasure."

Lastly, here are some words from the person who came up with the idea of band creation, our Happiness Manager, Anastasiia Papish.

"I had the idea for us to start a band and perform at the New Year's Eve corporate party. As a former event manager, I always enjoyed seeing bands made up of company employees perform at such events rather than outside groups. I wanted to involve my teammates as much as possible and showcase their talents to others.

One fall evening, we gathered in the kitchen of our Kiev office and decided to start with three songs, which we would perform live at the upcoming corporate party. I even found a studio for them to record the songs and a video operator to shoot a small clip. We even put together our own household rider for the gig!

We joked that our group was called "Testosterone," but we still don't have an official name. And who knows, maybe after Ukraine's victory, we'll even have a shot at Eurovision!"

The big picture

At ALLSTARSIT, we celebrate the unique talents of each and every one of our teammates. Whether you're a tech whiz or a creative genius, we believe that everyone has something special to bring to the table. We're proud to foster an environment that encourages growth and development in all directions. We can't wait to showcase our talents not only within our company but to the world as well. Rock on! đŸ€˜


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