Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in IT

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Difference Between Recruitment and Talent Acquisition in IT

Most people would think that recruitment and talent acquisition are one and the same thing. Some might even say that the latter is nothing but a fancy synonym of the former. The truth is somewhat more complicated than that, however. While the goal of both those actions is the same -to hire talents-, the devil is in the details, as they say. 

In this article, we will explain the concepts of recruitment and talent acquisition and the differences between the two.

What is recruitment?

The definition of 'recruitment' is rather straightforward. It is the process undertaken by a company to hire professionals with the relevant experience and expertise to fulfill one or more open roles. This process often involves screening, multiple interviews with stakeholders, aptitude tests, and eventually, a job is offered to the best candidate. In the context of IT, the process is designed to filter out candidates who, while they might be good in their own right, would not be suitable for a particular role.

In short, IT recruitment is about filling vacancies up. It is a short-term tactical drive to address talent gaps in the company.

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What do IT recruiting teams do?

A company's IT recruitment team's task is to acquire the best talents using the process described above.These teams usually include IT experts with two or more years of experience in the tech industry so they can perform their roles more effectively and hire the best people.

IT recruiting teams are in charge of finding the right people to fill the vacancies.

What is talent acquisition?

Often, companies engage in long-term planning and forecasting, and human resources are undoubtedly part of this planning. Companies need to know the roles they will need to fill over the coming months and years and the right skillset required from the talent. This is where talent acquisition comes into play. Talent acquisition refers to the long-term strategy of acquiring talents to fill some of the toughest roles.

What do IT talent acquisition teams do?

Similar to IT recruiting teams, IT talent acquisition teams focus on identifying, screening, and hiring the right talent. Talent acquisition staff tend to create a pipeline of candidates that they can hire as the company's needs require.

Recruitment vs. talent acquisition

As expressed above, though the goal of recruitment and talent acquisition is hiring talent, the key difference is in the approach. Recruitment is more tactical and focused on the short term. It addresses talent gaps immediately.

Talent acquisition, on the other hand, is more strategic. When companies discuss talent acquisition, they're talking about a long-term strategy related to ongoing and future human resources needs.

Recruitment vs. talent acquisition

Choose wisely: recruitment or talent acquisition

Recruitment addresses a company's short-term human resources needs and therefore has a narrow scope. Talent acquisition scales better as it focuses on the longer term.

It would be misleading to say that one approach is better than the other because recruitment and talent acquisition are perfectly effective practices that a company is likely to engage in at different stages, depending on the situation, timeline, and other factors.

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