How hiring an Offshore Development Team would help your business

Offshore Development
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How hiring an Offshore Development Team would help your business

Many organizations are now increasingly turning to offshore software development. By outsourcing the work, these companies can protect and grow their core business, and reap the benefits of a solid team provided by an established, reputable third party. But the question is how and where to hire the right team? This is where our expertise comes into play. In this article, we explain the benefits of hiring a dedicated team of software developers and how AllSTARSIT can help you with that. 

Defining offshore software development

The definition is in its very name. Offshore development is the practice of partnering with a third party company to create software development teams on your behalf. This development can range from the simplest tasks of coding small applications to creating entire software frameworks for specialized clients.

Benefits of offshore development

Setting up and maintaining in-house software development teams requires a substantial initial investment, and then there's the long-term costs of staff wages, overheads, ongoing training, equipment, etc. These can quickly add up and become a drain on company resources. Besides, onsite teams are location-specific and limited in scope, which might curtail the avenues of development for the company.

Offshore teams, in contrast, offer a range of benefits:

  • Access to global talent
  • Easier implementation of new technologies
  • Lower administration and management costs
  • Possibility to build tailor-made teams for specific projects
  • Full dedication to your project

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An analysis of faster recruiting timelines in Ukraine

The IT recruitment sector is booming worldwide, and while recruiting times vary from one country to another, Ukraine stands among the territories with shorter recruitment timelines.

The reasons for this expeditious recruitment in Ukraine come down to two essential factors: Market dynamics, and the sheer size and growth of the talent pool in the country.

Let's look at these factors in more detail.

Market dynamics

Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe by area, has a total population of around 42m people. Ukraine's nominal GDP in 2020 was $151.5bn. The country is rich in natural resources such as gas and coal, around which much of the heavy industry and exports are based. Agriculture is also a major economic driver.

And over the last two decades or so, Ukraine has seen a steady growth in its IT industry. The country is quickly becoming a focal point for outsourcing. In economic terms, Ukraine's IT-related exports will be valued at $8.4bn by 2025.

Talent pool growth

According to official figures, the local IT talent pool grew from around 153,000 in 2016 to 250,000 by the end of 2020. Today, many A-level companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple, have outsourced a great deal of their software development operations to the country.

Why AllSTARSIT chose Ukraine

IT outsourcing represents the largest share of the Ukrainian IT market, with about 70% of all operations dedicated to outsourcing. In terms of market reach, North America and western European countries are the main target regions for Ukrainian outsourcing services.

When looking at all these factors (availability and quality of developers, reliability, and steady growth), AllSTARSIT's choice was clear, and easy to make. 

The reasons our clients trust AllSTARSIT to hire Offshore Developers

Access to the Top Tech Talents

We have access to the top tier of software engineers in Ukraine. AllSTARSIT will select candidates that will be a perfect match for your company. We have built a large database throughout 17 years of operations, and that database grows constantly . We’ll actively search the market for any available candidates. 

Reduced Hiring Timeline 

We have streamlined our recruitment strategy to reduce hiring timelines by 50%, when compared to competitors in the local market. Our average time-to-hire-your ideal candidate is between 30-45 days. 

Cost Efficiency

Ukraine’s taxes are lower than in most European or American countries, which allows  developers to receive higher salaries while you pay less. 

Back Office Services Included in the Price 

We don’t just help you to find an offshore development team and hire them; AllSTARSIT provides you with a 360° service, even after the end of the recruitment process. That includes office space, hardware, HR specialist, learning & development program, team building events, and corporate trips. We also handle taxes, payrolls, and sick leaves.

Hiring Process at AllSTARSIT

01 Initial client meeting. Every client is unique, and has unique needs and requirements. At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss the best way to meet the client’s needs.

02 Workshop. Once the fundamental requirements have been established, we hold a more practical meeting to exchange and discuss ideas, and clearly define expectations and goals for our collaboration.

03 Fast Recruitment timelines. AllSTARSIT will source and pre-screen the most suitable candidate for your project, based on your defined parameters and requirements.

04 Interviews. We'll conduct candidate evaluation interviews to confirm suitability for the project.

05 Hiring process. After the candidate is hired, HR partners at AllSTARSIT will focus on onboarding and coordination.

06 Work in progress. We'll conduct candidate evaluation interviews to confirm suitability for the project.


For more information you can visit our Expertise page, contact our Sales Manager Yoav Bar-nov, or just leave your email(phone number) in the form below to get a custom Software Development team offering from our company. 

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