Recruitment Trends to Follow in 2022

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Recruitment Trends to Follow in 2022

To understand the trends that will influence the recruitment market in 2022, we need to dive deep into changes that happened in the industry over the past 12 months.

Hiring processes optimization

If you look at the hiring processes 18-24 months ago, what you see is completely different from today’s. Back then, a test assignment and a couple of interviews were a must. The whole process took 2-3 weeks. 2021 optimized all the processes, and time is now a precious commodity both for candidates and companies. Everything became faster and moved to a remote capacity because of the pandemic. 

Now, most of our partners are opting out of the test assignment to win back some of that precious time. Long test assignments have been replaced by real-time coding during the interviews with the technical department and the hiring manager. As a result - the successful hire time frame has been reduced to seven days.

Importance of Employer Brand for Recruitment 

2021 has highlighted the importance of standing out amongst the competitors, and the need for clear communication of corporate culture to potential candidates. That goes hand in hand with constantly improving the conditions for the existing employees. That’s exactly why you can see so many marketing activities from IT companies in 2021. This reflected very positively on the employer brand and helped attracting a stream of candidate leads. We are one of the first companies to champion a Covid-19 vaccination program amongst its team members. We also supported numerous charitable activities and adopted sustainability initiatives. We flew our teammates to Montenegro for a corporate trip, and organized a Sri Lanka workation for winter 2021-22.

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Importance of an Ongoing Education for Recruitment 

Because of higher competition for talents, 2021 has been the year when the skill level of IT specialists became of particular importance. In AllSTARSIT, we implemented an internal course for recruiters. This course teaches valuable skills and insights to anyone keen to learn about recruitment. The team leaders led the course, and the best graduates could join the company. 

Inside the recruiting department, we have knowledge-sharing sessions, where we discuss relevant cases such as networking best practices, common objections among candidates, open position pitches, etc. We have also adopted a tradition of watching online lectures and seminars by opinion leaders in recruitment. We order pizza, learn something new together, and then brainstorm about the topic and its potential implementation in our working routine.  


To sum up,  the optimization of remote work processes became a must. Employers emphasize strengthening corporate culture to retain existing employers and attract new ones. More and more professional recruiters are actively working on refining and expanding their skillset. They use non-trivial hiring methods (not a Djinni alone), and are interested in new technologies on the market and developing personal networking. The recruitment trends that emerged throughout 2021 will continue to evolve and become dominant during 2022.

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