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Client: Top Advanced Information Technology Development Company

ALLSTARSIT is the ultimate solution for us, helping us scale globally.

R&D Manager

Clients HQ and delivery center




Company size

1,000 employees


Software Development

Project summary

In response to the client's request for skilled engineers proficient in Apex, LWC, Process Builder, and Visualforce, ALLSTARSIT has assembled a dedicated team of Salesforce developers and, subsequently, consultants to address the specific needs of the client.

The client

The client provides cutting-edge technological platforms and solutions to tackle challenges across three key domains: software infrastructure (encompassing cloud infrastructure, information security, and more), core organizational systems (including BI, ERP, and CRM), and development (which includes websites, apps, and systems).

The challenge

In order to expand their global team while working within a limited budget, the client strategically decided to explore outstaffing with a dependable partner as a cost-efficient alternative to the expensive local hiring options available in their home country of Israel.  

The approach

The initial phase involved engaging a consultancy service to pinpoint the optimal hiring team locations, taking into account financial, cultural, and operational factors. Subsequently, we collaboratively defined the job vacancy's description and outlined the ideal candidate profile based on the client's requirements. Within three days, we presented the client with the first set of candidates for technical interviews.The R&D Manager expressed their satisfaction, stating, "The recruitment process was excellent; the candidate pool was of high quality, granting us the flexibility to select the most suitable individuals for our team."

The client had previously grappled with the complexities of managing multiple PEOs, presenting a formidable challenge. In response, they aimed to consolidate their global workforce operations under a single, growth-oriented partner. It was imperative for them to find a partner deeply attuned to the intricacies of the company's operations, one that inherently grasped the company's pace and mindset and mirrored this approach within their organization. After conducting a comprehensive vendor assessment, the client chosed ALLSTARSIT as the long-term strategic partner.

The outcome

The R&D Manager lauded the outstaffing solution, highlighting, "You delegate sourcing, recruiting, legal, payrolling, retention, and engagement for experts, allowing us to concentrate on the core business needs. ALLSTARSIT boasts a robust customer success team always ready to assist, and they provide monthly and quarterly reports, enabling in-depth team analysis."

Since 2022, the client has grown its global workforce by 25%. The R&D Manager emphasized, "Having a partner capable of genuinely facilitating our global expansion led to an almost immediate return on investment. From a cost perspective, the advantages were clear as we reduced expenses by hiring outside of Israel and consolidating under one partner, rather than dealing with multiple partners with varying pricing models."

Project details


The client specializes in developing, implementing, and integrating advanced technological systems, and offers a large range of state-of-the-art solutions that direct the organization towards achieving its business goals.

Project summary:

Staff Augmentation


January 2022 - Ongoing

Development technologies




Apex, LWC, Process Builder, and Visualforce

Management frameworks:


Closed positions

Closed positions ALLSTARSIT


Cost saving ALLSTARSIT

Client’s feedback

“ALLSTARSIT – our one-stop-shop solution”

"ALLSTARSIT, as our one-stop-shop solution, has proven to be a strategic asset for our organization. Their Staff Augmentation solution seamlessly bolstered our workforce, resulting in remarkable operational efficiency. Their commitment to understanding our business requirements and their consistent delivery of top-tier services is truly commendable. Our partnership with ALLSTARSIT has played a pivotal role in our growth, and we anticipate continued success.

– Representative of Top Advanced Information Technology Development Company

Client's feedback about ALLSTARSIT
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The ALLSTARSIT team’s perspective on this project

My experience as a team member at ALLSTARSIT has been exceptionally seamless. From the initial recruitment process to ongoing well-being and development opportunities, I genuinely feel like an esteemed member of a robust organization that wholeheartedly prioritizes its people.
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Alexandru, Salesforce Developer
ALLSTARSIT is an outstanding workplace to be a part of. The collaborative and inclusive culture has played a significant role in our professional growth. I am enthusiastic about the future with ALLSTARSIT and the opportunities it offers.
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Ivan, Salesforce Consultant

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