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ALLSTARSIT has met our requirements and recruited an effective remote team.

Eli Zakashansky

Director R&D, Application Group, Windward

Clients HQ

UK & Tel Aviv, Israel

Delivery centers

Israel, USA, UK

Company size

≈150 employees


Maritime AI™



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Project summary

ALLSTARSIT has recruited multiple engineers for this software company. The client has asked for developers with knowledge of JavaScript, DevOps, and Full Stack, and ALLSTARSIT scheduled interviews to find the right candidates.

Project details

Project details

Windward is a leading Maritime AI company specializing in maritime data intelligence, analytics and risk mitigation. They provide innovative solutions for the maritime industry, offering real-time insights and predictive analytics to optimize business decisions, vessel performance, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency. With their advanced technology and maritime expertise, Windward enables organizations to make data-driven decisions, enhance efficiency, and mitigate risks in the maritime domain.

The challenge

To expand and create a more resilient R&D organization that is spread over multiple locations and is cost-effective, the client strategically decided to explore an outstaffing solution. Recognizing the importance of a thorough evaluation, Windward carefully assessed three potential vendors. Ultimately, the final decision regarding the outstaffing solution was entrusted to the Vice President of R&D, Benny Keinan, who chose ALLSTARSIT as their partner to recruit a team of professionals from Ukraine and Romania.

The approach

ALLSTARSIT provides a range of services that are integral to the recruitment and onboarding process, as well as ongoing management. Our partnership with clients involves a collaborative approach aimed at fulfilling specific requirements.

During the recruitment phase, ALLSTARSIT worked closely with Windward, engaging in iterative discussions to define role descriptions and gather feedback. The team assisted in scheduling interviews and conducting thorough evaluations to identify suitable candidates. We successfully recruited nine remote engineers who are familiar with the client's tech stack, particularly JavaScript and placed importance on their communication skills, given the project's remote nature during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The client initiated the partnership in May 2021, and the collaboration is ongoing, with ALLSTARSIT continuing to provide support and management expertise.

The outcome

ALLSTARSIT, as a global company, demonstrated its adaptability and support during times of turmoil. When faced with the challenges of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, global solutions were found by building a team in Romania while maintaining work continuity in Ukraine. This strategic decision allowed the teams to work seamlessly from any part of the country without compromising productivity. The establishment of a global team provided the client with the flexibility they needed during these difficult circumstances. It showcased ALLSTARSIT's commitment to worldwide support and ability to navigate challenging situations.

The client provided detailed feedback during the initial stages to fine-tune candidate selection, resulting in an enhanced and efficient workflow. ALLSTARSIT adeptly scheduled interviews to align with the client's availability, presenting candidates who closely matched the role requirements through an iterative process.

In addition to successful recruitment, ALLSTARSIT provided valuable support in the employment and ongoing management of the hired engineers. The team's efficient work methodology and responsiveness to feedback facilitated effective communication throughout the project.

Project details

Project summary:

Staff Augmentation


May 2021 - Ongoing

Development technologies



Programming languages:

JS, Java, Python


React, GraphQL, NodeJS, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Rockset

Management frameworks:


Closed positions

Tenure in the company

Client’s feedback

“ALLSTARSIT has been instrumental in assisting us in building a fully remote team. Their ability to seamlessly continue working with us during challenging times has been highly valued.

ALLSTARSIT has demonstrated their commitment to our success by scheduling interviews according to my availability, and the majority of the candidates they presented were well-suited to the role descriptions. Their iterative approach has yielded positive results.

In addition to meeting our recruitment requirements, ALLSTARSIT has been invaluable in assisting us with the employment and ongoing management of the recruited engineers. Their efficient work ethic and willingness to listen to feedback have fostered a smooth and open line of communication between us.”

 Eli Zakashansky - ALLSTARSIT Client

Eli Zakashansky

Director R&D, Application Group

Client spotlight

Build a development team with ALLSTARSIT in weeks, not months

The team’s perspective on the Windward project

Yevhen Batsiun

FullStack Developer TL at Windward

I had no hesitation in joining the Windward team, drawn by the company's revolutionary vision and mission from the beginning. Bringing value to the world through my work is of utmost importance to me. Working here involves dealing with real data and having the ability to influence the process.

I must acknowledge that I was among the first to join this team, and I am fortunate to work alongside exceptional professionals from the Israel site. The management style is excellent, with a keen understanding of when to offer praise and motivation. I feel an immense amount of support and trust from the headquarters.

Being promoted to team lead is a great honor, allowing me to drive my team forward. Over the past two years working with Windward, I have experienced numerous opportunities for personal growth and have truly found my place within the organization.

Eugene Denysenko

FullStack Developer at Windward

The team is great; the members are friendly, open-minded, and responsive. Work is fun, entertaining, and educational. Management is so professional and improves the working processes constantly. The mentality of our international teams fits well, and communication is easy and natural. It's always clear who to ask for help if needed, and you will get it.

The project's business logic is fantastic: the nautical field is so interesting and inspiring, but it's also something that matters -- global transportation and economy.

As developers, we strive to keep up the highest standards of our product. We use cutting-edge technologies and implement the latest metrologies to give the best value to our customers. Always being in touch with the architect, accurate code, and design reviews for newly created and legacy code, and constant self-education help achieve that.Working here is a pleasure; I feel lucky and grateful for this opportunity.

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The synergy between ALLSTARSIT and Windward teams brings great value

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