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Client: World’s Leading Single-vendor SASE Platform

The fact that ALLSTARSIT's resources get the job done at a very high level is outstanding

Senior Product Support Manager

Clients HQ

Tel Aviv, Israel

Company size

900-1000 employees


Computer and network security

Delivery centers

Tel Aviv, Sydney, Tokyo, San Jose, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Singapore

Project summary

ALLSTARSIT had provided teams of Software Developers, Technical Support Engineers, SysOps Engineers in Ukraine and Poland.

The challenge

The computer and network security company aimed to strengthen its development capabilities by expanding the team in Europe.

The solution

Based on the client's business requirements, ALLSTARSIT proposed outstaffing solutions such as staff augmentation and dedicated team services as the most strategically advantageous options to fulfill their needs.

The client initiated the partnership in 2021, and the collaboration is ongoing. Currently, ALLSTARSIT continues to expand the team by hiring experts in three countries: Ukraine, Poland, and Colombia.

The approach

To maintain high-quality service delivery, the client had several communication points at ALLSTARSIT, including recruitment, HR, customer success managers, and the accounts team.

The recruitment process began with providing ALLSTARSIT with a detailed candidate profile. For some specific positions, the ALLSTARSIT team conducted additional market research.

After the kickoff meeting, the ALLSTARSIT team created a unique recruitment strategy that helped accurately compile a pipeline of highly qualified candidates according to the candidate profile approved by the client, employing diligent screening processes to identify top talent. Through strategic selection, in-depth evaluation, and reference checks, ALLSTARSIT presented experts to the client, ensuring alignment with their specific requirements and organizational culture. Throughout the entire process, the recruitment team acted as a focal point between clients and candidates, delivering timely feedback to both sides. After all stages, ALLSTARSIT sent offers to the best candidates who joined the client team.

In addition to its recruitment services, ALLSTARSIT effectively managed comprehensive HR services, spanning from onboarding to 1-2-1 sessions and compensation reviews. Notably, ALLSTARSIT played a crucial role in facilitating the annual compensation increase process. This involved providing appropriate compensation statistics and encouraging transparent communication regarding compensation adjustments to experts once finalized internally. ALLSTARSIT's comprehensive HR services ensured smooth operations and effective team management.

The outcome

As a result, ALLSTARSIT established teams in Ukraine and Poland. The position specification is outlined in the chart below:

Currently, the team is geographically located in Ukraine and Poland in the following ratio:

ALLSTARSIT takes great pride in its strong partnership with this client, and as they further expand their team with us, we are currently recruiting team members for them in Colombia, Poland, and Ukraine. ALLSTARSIT's current focus is on hiring Frontend Engineers, Technical Support Specialists, SysOps Engineers, and Security Analysts.

Project details


World’s leading single-vendor SASE platform

Project summary:

Staff Augmentation


October  2021 - ongoing

Client rating

Closed positions ALLSTARSIT
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Client’s feedback

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“The fact that ALLSTARSIT gets the job done at a very high level is outstanding. Moreover, their communication skills are fantastic, and if there's a problem, they're very quick to resolve it. Overall, they're a very good company. Work with them.”

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Representative of world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform

Senior Product Support Manager

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“ALLSTARSIT does a great recruiting job. We're happy with their service quality. They meet deadlines and stay on budget.”

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Representative of world’s leading single-vendor SASE platform

HR Business Partner

The ALLSTARSIT team’s perspective on this project

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Iryna Gadalova
Recruitment Team Lead at ALLSTARSIT
Working with this company is a valuable experience. Every time we discuss a new opening, I am excited about the results we can achieve together. Effective kickoff meetings, analysis of the candidates we meet, indicating the bottlenecks of recruitment and improving the filtering process on the way, holding various interviewing stages and sharing the clear feedback - all the stages of recruitment seem meaningful and productive to me.

I collaborate with several teams and hiring managers. Each team has its original way of selecting talents, starting from the requirements of each position and ending with the recruitment process. Thus, I would like to highlight one thing that is the same with everyone I collaborate with - the atmosphere during the working process. Everyone is so helpful and attentive. I feel like we are accomplishing a common goal and working as a real team, which I appreciate very much.

Another important point to mention is their personal attitude to the candidates - they provide transparent and effective interviews, pay attention to both the soft and hard skills of people in the process and strive for mutual comfort during the selection and further work. They are creating a special environment where their people feel motivated, challenged, and heard. Having worked with diverse teams throughout my career, I can conclude that such an approach is close to my corporate values and increases the chances of the product's success.
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Anna Polivanova
HR People Partner
ALLSTARSIT has assembled a team of skilled experts who have seamlessly integrated into the client culture. Empowered with both authority and responsibility, the team hired by ALLSTARSIT takes ownership of the process and drives impactful results.

The team maintains impressive retention and satisfaction rates by consistently producing comprehensive reports, closely monitoring mood boards, and actively providing feedback to clients and experts. Furthermore, the team has witnessed numerous promotions, underscoring the collaborative and rewarding relationship with the client. Working alongside our team is a pleasure.

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“Being on this project means that you are involved in the creation of a complex and substantial product.”
Every day here is a new challenge – you can work and experience new things and turn all your crazy ideas into reality while being rewarded with fair compensation.The teammates are outgoing and proficient, always ready to support me in everything, whether it be work or funny stories on daily meetings.
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Frontend Developer
“Project has a large number of products that integrate with each other, and it is always a challenge for a QA to ensure everything works as expected.”
This project is one where you could take the challenge and apply all your experience and knowledge, which is always interesting.ALLSTARSIT is the company of my dreams where I have always wanted to work, with friendly colleagues and lots of fun combined with exciting and engaging work.
Photo of employee
Automation QA Engineer
“The colleagues’ high qualification and interaction between different teams is impressive.”
The company's policy regarding the use of current technologies is exceptional, so the product is alive and developing, providing an opportunity for growth for developers as well.
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Software Developer
"We are proud to work with a leading cybersecurity companyfor the past 5 years.”
For the last year, we hired more than 30 people and grew to 60. We always provide our client best services; therefore, they can trust that we will provide quality, speed and hire exceptional people for their team. We always provide our client best services.
We are experts in hiring people for cybersecurity companies, as we know all obstacles they may encounter during the process.
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Recruitment Team Leader
This client is a client that always takes care of its employees and tries to create comfortable and welcoming conditions as much as possible.
Our guys regularly receive gifts, for example. For the New Year they received Oculus VR kits, and the previous year they were issued with financial rewards following excellent work performance.
After the start of the invasion, the client was continuously in touch and supported us in many ways 24/7.
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HR People Partner
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