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Romania R&D Market Overview

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20th of July
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16:00, Israeli time
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Our speakers

Solomon Amar
Alex Amster
GM Israel & Global Staffing Services
Mihaela Craciun
Mihaela Craciun
Recruitment Team Leader
Olha Pidpaliuk
Olha Pidpaliuk
DPO & Legal Advisor

Our Agenda

Solomon Amar

Overview of the Romanian R&D market

Alex will provide a general overview of the Romanian R&D market, including a detailed analysis of the current workforce. The discussion will also give insights about the country's main tech hubs, and how Romania's high tech industry has steadily grown over the past few years.
Mihaela Craciun

Recruitment process in Romania

Mihaela will give insightful information about how the hiring process currently works in Romania, and then elaborate on the most notable differences and nuances of the local workforce, including national rules, regulations, and other traits. She will also discuss what software developers there pay close attention to when considering applying for a new position.
Olha Pidpaliuk

Legal nuances

Each country features unique employment laws and taxation frameworks. In this Round Table, our lawyer will discuss the legal nuances surrounding the local workforce, and also provide taxation arguments supporting the choice of Romania to establish a remote team.

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