Data-driven Employer Branding

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Data-driven Employer Branding

"Branding is an emotional connection, make it a priority."
– Beth Rudai

The future of customer loyalty isn't about points, miles, or sales. It's much bigger than that, and it's about creating brand advocates and inviting them to be part of a much larger and higher concept.

It’s about inspiring people, engaging them, and rewarding them. And it’s about making them feel involved, appreciated and heard every single time they interact with your brand.

You have an employer brand (EB) whether you manage it or not. A robust employer brand can give your company an edge in the competition for talent, and help you to:

  • Attract and engage top talent
  • Retain top talents
  • Reduce time-to-hire and employee turnover
“The future of customer loyalty is more human and more creative than ever.”
- Polina Poliakova, Head of Marketing at AllSTARSIT

Employer brand is an amalgam of concepts and ideas that incorporates the company's culture, its values, and its people strategy into a cohesive and recognizable sentiment. A strong brand helps to attract top talents, increase overall performance, and grow the company faster. 

Many factors influence the choice of company to work for, including an attractive salary, career progression opportunities, job security, etc. All these factors tie into the Employer Branding Concept, and how the company is perceived both by staff, and people outside the organization who might be considering applying for a job there.

Understanding Employer Brand

First, you need to understand where your Employer Brand is at. Through surveys and one-to-one meetings with Human Resources (HR), you can get employee feedback to help you infer a lot of things. Your goals and priorities for your branding will depend on your overall business strategy.

Some of the most common employer branding goals include:

  • Increasing the number of high-quality candidates
  • Increasing traffic to the career site  
  • Increasing engagement on EB-related social media posts
  • Reducing time and cost per hire
  • Increasing the number of job referrals
  • Improving candidate experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Enhancing the offer acceptance rate

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Once you define the goals you are focusing on for your business, you need the create the strategy to achieve them. Here are some common methodologies to use.

What to do:

  • Researches
  • Periodic candidates and employee survey
  • EVP review
  • Define and communicate mission, vision and values
  • Incentivize word of mouth
  • PR & Media
  • Measure results

Hiring Metrics

HR Analytics and measuring the most important hiring metrics have become one of the main goals for HR professionals in 2022. Based on the goals you set up in the first step, you should measure the success of your Employer Branding strategy through these metrics: 

Metrics you should be tracking:

  • Job acceptance rate
  • Time-to-hire (the time elapsed between engaging a candidate and then accepting an offer)
  • Hiring manager satisfaction
  • Employee referrals
  • New hire retention rate
  • Awards and ratings
Examples of Graphics & Metrics We Collect at AllSTARSIT
Website applicants

And last but not least, you need to ensure that your employer brand delivers on its promises. There is nothing employees are more allergic to than big words with no actions behind them. 

Employer brand leaders need to build awareness and capability using branding principles and practices across the organization, rather than relying on one or two leaders to manage the function, as it’s traditionally the case. We recommend you actively invest in your employer brand by training your employees!

If the reputation of a company’s products and services is its face, the talent brand is its heart and soul”
- Hank Stringer & Rusty Rueff

At AllSTARSIT, we conduct regular surveys and gather employee feedback - so we can prioritize our staff’s requests and needs. According to a recent survey, this is what AllSTARSIT employees love the most: attractive salary and work conditions, work-life balance, innovative technologies and job security.

For example, we are going to rent a villa in Sri Lanka for people who would like to work remotely in a mild climate. Providing massage at the office because we understand how important this is for people who work behind computers. Organizing educational meetups and communities so people can connect faster and share skills and knowledge. 

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