Top HR Trends to Improve Employee Retention in 2022

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Top HR Trends to Improve Employee Retention in 2022

The global IT talent pool, while vast, is a finite resource. And because of the concentration of the talent around the most populated regions, local shortages can become commonplace in certain areas. The use of remote working tools palliates this issue to a certain extent, but there are times when IT specialists must be onsite, depending on the nature of the problem.

The high value of skilled IT specialists means two things: on one side, the specialists themselves enjoy the privilege of being able to choose any company they want to work for. And on the other side, companies must do all they can to win and retain that talent.

In this context, what a company does and offers to employees acquires capital importance. HR teams must design an effective staff retention strategy that focuses on employee wellbeing.

A brief interlude: The Great Resignation event

The so-called Great Resignation is happening now. Millions of people have been leaving their jobs without a second thought. This phenomenon peaked in November of 2021, with around 4.5m people heading for the exit in the United States alone.

But the trend is hardly unique to America. A June 2021 report revealed that almost half of all Dutch employees polled wanted to find a new job within 12 months. A month later, a report published in Germany announced that around one-third of German companies were experiencing staff shortages.

The reasons behind this worldwide event are still poorly understood, but the Covid-19 pandemic appears to have acted as the catalyst. This once-in-a-generation event had (and will have) profound ramifications for decades to come. In the interim, it seems that the ongoing lockdowns, deep uncertainty about the future, and the viability of remote work seem to have prompted millions of people to reconsider their jobs, career prospects, and focus instead on searchin for both physical and emotional wellbeing.

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AllSTARSIT's framework for talent retention

AllSTARSIT stands on three core pillars: growth, integrity, and synergy. The company's vision is to become a global benchmark for tech HR and recruitment. According to the company's CEO, Solomon Amar, One of our driving principles is the creation of strong and resilient software development teams with the help of the most talented programmers in Israel & the CEE Region.

But none of this would be possible without a strong focus on the company's main asset, and the reason for its success: its people. AllSTARSIT operates with a people-centric set of policies, which is based on a five-point framework: staff wellbeing, financial lectures, hybrid work model, charity initiatives, and learning and development program.

Staff wellbeing

One of the key aspects to retain staff is to ensure their wellbeing within the company. But wellbeing doesn't just mean having comfortable chairs for employees. It goes much further than that.

In fact, wellbeing can be assessed in five categories:

  • Career wellbeing
  • Social wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing

AllSTARSIT recently hired a dedicated Wellbeing Manager to look after all these aspects through webinars, personal consultations, one-to-one meetings, fun activities in-house and elsewhere, etc.

AllSTARSIT Wellbeing manager

Financial lectures

This ties in with the financial wellbeing aspect. Financial education offers benefits both professionally and personally, and more and more staff would like to receive financial guidance from their employers. AllSTARSIT provides regular lectures offering advice on budgeting, saving for a pension, and many other financial issues.

Financial lecture in AllSTARSIT Kyiv office

Hybrid work model

One of the most obvious effects of the pandemic on the workplace is the demonstration that remote work is possible, and that staff does not need to be physically present at the office for the work to be done effectively. Yet, many companies are attempting to get staff back onsite full time, and this is another contributing factor to the Great Resignation event.

AllSTARSIT believes in adaptation. The times have changed, the norms have shifted, and staff, by and large, want to work remotely. Or at the very least, they want to have the choice to do so.

We offer staff complete freedom. They can work from any of our offices, work from home or elsewhere, or they can choose a hybrid model, whereby they spend some time at the office and some at home. And regardless of which way staff wants to work, we have established a range of perks and benefits to ensure that no one feels isolated.

AllSTARSIT Workation Program in Sri Lanka

Charity initiatives

Charitable causes are noble and altruistic endeavors that bring much needed relief for those at the receiving end.

We believe that one of the cornerstones of staff wellbeing is the feeling of helping others through our actions. Staff and company regularly engage with the local community. For example, we help animal shelters, the elderly, or very sick children who need life-saving operations.

AllSTARSIT Charity Run

Learning and development program

From day 1, we offer staff working with us the possibility of enhancing their existing skills and learning new ones. We provide a personalized Learning and Development program HRs for everyone in the company.

At a higher level, management and HR are always encouraged to attend seminars and courses that will help them become more valuable assets for the company.  

AllSTARSIT Tech Meetup

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