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October 25, 2023
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About the Company

ALLSTARSIT is an international outstaffing service provider that helps businesses recruit, pay, insure, and support top global talent with payroll, benefits, and more. The company specializes in software development services for clients across diverse industries such as cybersecurity, healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, media, and more.

ALLSTARSIT operates development hubs across Central and Eastern Europe, Israel, the UAE, India, the Philippines, and LATAM, with headquarters in San Francisco, US. The company has over 1,000 talented software engineers and tech specialists across all locations.

About the Project

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is synonymous with dynamic defense, daring innovation, and technological ingenuity. For over 70 years, the company has pioneered advances in defense solutions for air, land, sea, space, and cyber. Our innovations are based on extensive operational experience and understanding of evolving combat requirements. They enable the rapid development of effective solutions for complex challenges on a variety of fronts.

Always ahead ‒ we ensure ongoing advantages for our global client base. We are dedicated to continuously enhancing our customer service, as well as expanding our global industrial cooperation programs.


Defense systems and cyber security



Years on the market

Team size and structure

Current technology stack

SHOB systems, TCA decoders, target commanders/modash, STR

Required skills:

  • Experience in operating complex systems, preference for operational experience with operational systems
  • Preference for those with operational experience with operational-technological systems, information extraction and fusion systems, SHOB systems
  • Decentralized, integrated systems
  • An advantage for those who have the following operational positions: TCA decoders, target commanders/modash, fire officers (gunners) in their positions fire attack
  • Preference for experience working with test planning and management tools and test scenarios with fault management tools
  • Ability to understand and read STD (STP) test documents, system characterization documents, system requirements and operational documents
  • Ability to write STR
  • Experience in running test scenarios is preferred
  • Control of computers and OFFICE software, logical and analytical thinking
  • Ability to express yourself in writing and in writing
  • Self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Good English at reading and writing level

Functional characteristics:

  • Warranty
  • Commitment to the task, willingness to invest, meeting pressures at work
  • Teamwork, punctuality, conveying messages in a constructive way
  • Alertness to details, theoretical technical ability, analytical ability, logical analysis
  • Ability to persevere in routine and Sisyphean work
  • Self-learning ability, good interpersonal communication, tolerance
  • Good self-time management ability, "press ahead" and initiative
  • The ability to separate between the main and the plain
  • Willingness to work overtime

Scope of work:

  • Operation of operational systems in accordance with the requirements of the systems and according to the test scenarios for the purpose of finding faults, management faults, updating test specifications and the results of the test run and managing the work plans for the tests.


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