Solomon Amar, CEO of AllSTARSIT



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Solomon Amar, CEO of AllSTARSIT

With over 20 years of focus-driven entrepreneurship in IT, Solomon Amar can help your business strive and grow by offering his expertise in these areas:

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Membership & achievements

Forbes Business Council
Forbes Business Council
Honorary Member The Ambassadors' Club of Israel
Honorary Member The Ambassadors' Club of Israel
Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering
Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Software Engineering
Bar-Ilan University
Bar-Ilan University
Executive Director Of Public Companies

Key facts about AllSTARSIT

Established in Israel
Solomon Amar registered the company in Haifa and hired a small team for helping companies in hiring top talents in Israel
First Office in Ukraine
Huge demand for tech talents prompted Solomon to expand AllSTARSIT to other markets. The Ukrainian office became a fast-growing branch and connected Israeli high-tech companies with Eastern European talent pool. 
Offices in Poland and UAE
Reflecting the remote work era, AllSTARSIT registers entities in Poland and UAE. The Polish entity works with experts and clients in EU. Meanwhile, office in the Dubai (UAE) gathers experts from all around the world and becomes our Multinational Tech Hub.
LATAM HQ in Bogotá, Colombia
Tech Support services become popular and many companies require 24/7 contact touch with customers. AllSTARSIT helps with remote tech teams around the globe.
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Solomon Amar, CEO of AllSTARSIT
By partnering with AllSTARSIT, you can focus on your business goals while we source the right talent for your project.

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