Freelancers v Dedicated Team

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Freelancers v Dedicated Team

From a corporate perspective, it makes perfect sense to maintain a dedicated team of software developers in-house. The company enjoys effective oversight of the project, there is direct communication, and there probably is a more significant commitment on the developers' part. On the downside, maintaining a dedicated team is costly; it takes time to recruit and get the team together, and there's probably a limited talent pool to tap into.

Option 2 is to put together a team of freelancers: fewer costs, less hassle, and a less time-consuming recruitment process. But of course, there are drawbacks, which almost mimic the upsides of a dedicated team.

This piece offers an in-depth view of dedicated software teams v freelancers.

What is a dedicated development team?

That's exactly what it says on the tin. It is a team of developers and other professionals directly hired by the company, usually working in-house, fully committed, and under the supervision of the company's management. A dedicated development team might include software developers and engineers, project managers, DevOps staff, QA specialists, and other related roles. The team is contractually obligated to work for the company and abide by its culture, work dynamics, etc.

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What is a freelancer? 

Freelancers are professionals who offer their services to clients, typically on a temporary, per-project basis. People working in the freelancing space tend to be self-employed, work remotely, and are not necessarily committed to any one client for long-term projects, though there are exceptions.

Dedicated development team v freelancers: which is the better option?

Every company and every project has different budgets, requirements, goals, and objectives. Because of this diversity, it isn't easy to gauge which option (a dedicated development team or a team of freelancers) is the better choice. There are many factors to consider, among these:

The right project manager

The decision-making process to hire the right person is crucial, as a wrong choice can have costly ramifications later on. The competence and diligence of a project manager can have a massive impact on a project's outcome. Some project managers are better suited to working in-house, maintaining close and continuous communication with the team. In contrast, others find it easier to work more effectively with freelance teams.

The project's complexity

The project's scale, scope, and industry are also important factors to consider before choosing a dedicated team or a freelance one. Questions such as the user base for the app or system, what key functionalities, and whether it is a first-of-its-kind project, for example, should be at the top of the list.

Prior industry knowledge

Depending on the nature and industry of the project, prior knowledge of that specific industry might be a determining factor in choosing one way or another. Mainstream apps would have significantly different requirements than military applications, for example.

Level of technical expertise required

Computing technology evolves rapidly, so it is incumbent on the developers to keep up with the latest trends, etc. To a degree, dedicated teams enjoy a slight advantage as companies usually provide training courses, webinars, etc. Freelancers can also avail of these, but usually at their own expense.

Depending on their nature, some projects might require low to medium expertise, while others might require knowledge and experience of cutting-edge technologies and programming languages.

A dedicated development team as an alternative to freelancers

While there are pros and cons to both options, a dedicated software team offers some distinct advantages:

More involvement and commitment

Software developers working on a permanent basis are likely to be more committed to the company's overall goal. The approach to the project is more focused, and the team is probably attuned to the corporate values, culture, policies, etc. This commitment leads to a better understanding of the business objectives, making for a much more valuable and efficient team.

Better control over the development process

As an alternative to freelancers, dedicated teams usually work in-house. This means that you, as a manager, can maintain more effective control and oversight of the work being done. Because communication is quicker, any potential issues can be swiftly dealt with.

Freelancers v Dedicated Team

When you should hire a dedicated team?

There are three main reasons why you should hire a dedicated team:

  • New entry into the market

Many factors can make the initial period after entering the market uncertain. The product might still be relatively unknown, budgetary concerns, market conditions, etc. Hiring a dedicated team can relief you of some (or most!) of that uncertainty. By hiring the right team, who will use all of their time for your project, simplifies onboarding and ensures a more stable start.

  • Discovery or decision stage

Depending on your project's stage, you might still need to get the right team on board. Therefore, your project could greatly benefit from industry experts that can provide sound and solid advice, which is certainly needed in the initial stages of any project.

  • Long-term project

In the long run, a dedicated team of developers will ensure that your project enjoys continuity, stability, and quality. If a team of people is fully dedicated to your project, they will be committed and remain loyal to it.

Hiring a dedicated software team with AllSTARSIT

If considering hiring dedicated developers or freelancers, AllSTARSIT would strongly suggest the former. The reason for this advice is simple; finding a freelancer with the right expertise in all the requirements tends to be complicated, so your project might encounter difficulties. And there is a secondary reason, too. While many freelancers are good professionals, they may not be able to work to your schedule.

A dedicated developer is the best choice, as they will dedicate themselves to your project full-time and work according to your specifications and timeline. 

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With almost two decades of recruiting expertise behind us, our clients trust us to provide a top-class service when fulfilling their hiring needs. We can offer faster-recruiting timelines and a cost-effective solution to get your project off the ground.

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