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June 6, 2024
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About the Company

Established in 2004, ALLSTARSIT was founded with a clear vision: to enhance the landscape of global IT employment by bridging the gap between companies and skilled professionals. The core belief was that assembling a team shouldn't be hindered by geographical constraints. Fast forward to the present day, ALLSTARSIT stands as an international outstaffing service provider committed to change the way businesses recruit, compensate, and oversee top talent worldwide. 

With operational hubs scattered across Europe, Asia, and LATAM, and its headquarters situated in San Francisco, US, the company boasts a workforce of over 1,000 adept professionals. Spanning across more than 20 countries, ALLSTARSIT offers a diverse range of skilled employees across various verticals, including AI, cybersecurity, healthcare, fintech, telecom, media, and so on.

About the Project

Kaltura’s (NYSE:KLTR) mission is to power any video experience for any organization – live, on-demand, or real-time. We not only want to make using video simpler, but we also want to better people’s lives through video. Founded in 2006, Kaltura is now a global leader in the video market with millions of people using our products daily to teach, learn, watch, connect, and collaborate. Among our customers, you’ll find more than 1000 global, well-known organizations.
15+ years since starting the company, we continue to foster a diverse and collaborative work environment where everyone gets a say. Our team is currently 700+ people, and we’re still growing. We have offices in New York, London,Singapore, and Tel Aviv, but our technology is all in the cloud.
Kaltura has a fast-paced environment where initiative is always encouraged.Together with our hybrid work model and flexible state of mind, you get the right conditions for creative juices to flow freely. Thanks to our long line of products, cultivation of rich collaborative culture and care for each Kalturian, you’ll never runout of room to grow and evolve.



Years on the market

Team size and structure

Current technology stack

Required skills:

  • Hands-on experience with IaC tools like Terraform and Ansible
  • A strong familiarity with Kubernetes and related deployment and management suites (e.g. Helm, Kustomize, ArgoCD)
  • Experience working within on-demand cloud platforms, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
  • Expertise in Linux system administration (command line)
  • Experience deploying and managing medium- or large-scale web application stacks: LAMP, load balancers, Elastic, caching layers such as Memcached, etc

These would also be nice:

  • Experience managing multi-tenant environments and the process considerations that go along with it
  • Any relevant certifications (e.g. RHCSA/RHCE, AWS, CKA, etc)
  • Some understanding of common web-facing programming languages and frameworks (e.g. PHP, NodeJS, Python, Go)

Scope of work:

  • Deploy, manage, tune, and maintain our robust video platforms, applications, andinfrastructure using latest the technologies such as K8s, cloud native applications and IaC
  • Participate in planning and design to define Kaltura product offerings
  • Work closely with other DevOps team members to improve deployment tools and processes
  • Collaborate with members of our R&D and core platform teams to improve Kaltura’splatform based on real-world use cases
  • Work within an agile project framework


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