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Our locations

ALLSTARSIT Costa Rica office

Costa Rica

1. Highly Skilled Workforce: Costa Rica has a well-educated and skilled workforce, particularly in fields like technology, finance, and customer service. The country emphasizes education and has a strong English-speaking population.

2. Stable Political Environment: Costa Rica is known for its political stability, which provides a secure and predictable business environment for outsourcing operations.

3. Proximity to North America: Costa Rica's geographical location makes it convenient for companies based in North America, allowing for easier coordination due to overlapping working hours.

4. Advanced IT Infrastructure: The country has invested in modern infrastructure, including reliable internet connectivity and technology parks, making it conducive for technology-related outsourcing.

5. Strong Data Protection Laws: Costa Rica has implemented robust data protection regulations, making it a suitable choice for companies that handle sensitive information.

ALLSTARSIT Colombian office


1. Growing Tech Hub: Colombia has been steadily growing as a technology and innovation hub, offering a skilled workforce in areas like software development, design, and digital marketing.

2. Cultural Affinity: Many Colombians are culturally aligned with Western business practices, which can facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

3. Economic Progress: Colombia's improving economy and business-friendly policies are attracting foreign investment and contributing to a positive outsourcing environment.

4. Time Zone Advantage: Colombia's time zone allows for convenient communication and coordination with North American businesses.

5. Government Support: The Colombian government has been actively promoting outsourcing through incentives and initiatives, making it an attractive destination for foreign companies.

ALLSTARSIT Mexican office


1. Proximity to the U.S.: Mexico's geographic proximity to the United States allows for ease of travel and real-time collaboration due to similar time zones.

2. Skilled Workforce: Mexico offers a diverse and skilled workforce, particularly in manufacturing, customer service, and software development.

3. Established Manufacturing: Mexico has a strong manufacturing sector, making it an excellent choice for companies seeking to outsource production and assembly operations.

4. Trade Agreements: Mexico's participation in trade agreements like NAFTA (now USMCA) can offer favorable conditions for businesses that require cross-border operations.

5. Cost-Effectiveness: Mexico's competitive labor costs can provide cost savings while maintaining proximity to North American markets.

ALLSTARSIT Brazil office


1. Large Talent Pool: With its vast population, Brazil offers a significant talent pool across various industries, including technology, finance, and creative services.

2. Diverse Services: Brazil's outsourcing capabilities span a wide range of services, from software development to customer support, making it versatile for different business needs.

3. Cultural Influence: Brazil's rich culture and language skills can be advantageous for companies looking to tap into Latin American markets.

4. Emerging Tech Scene: Brazil has a growing tech startup ecosystem, which showcases the country's potential for technological innovation and expertise.

5. Economic Power: As the largest economy in Latin America, Brazil's business potential and market opportunities can be appealing to companies looking for substantial growth.


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What is Staff Augmentation with ALLSTARSIT?

Staff augmentation is a flexible workforce solution that allows businesses, especially tech companies, to access skilled professionals on a temporary basis quickly.

By partnering with ALLSTARSIT, you can scale your teams as needed, reduce hiring complexities, and optimize operational efficiency. Augmented staff seamlessly integrates into existing teams, ensuring rapid project execution and cost-effectiveness while focusing on innovation and growth.

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Our Staff Augmentation Process

Resource Identification

Our team collaborates with you to understand your staffing needs, project scope, and specific skill requirements.

Requirement Analysis

Leveraging our extensive talent pool, we identify suitable candidates who match your criteria.

Evaluation and Selection

We conduct thorough evaluations, including technical assessments and interviews, to select the best-suited professionals.

Onboarding and Integration

Once selected, we handle the onboarding process, including paperwork and introductions, to ensure seamless integration into your team.

Continuous Support

Throughout the engagement, we provide continuous support to both your team and the augmented staff, ensuring a productive and harmonious working relationship.

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Yotpo has increased their hiring velocity with ALLSTARSIT

“Recently we recruited a Polish team with the help of ALLSTARSIT. We are very pleased with the recruitment process. How we work together as a team is very important for us going forward. We are setting the roads for the subsequent recruitment and hoping to keep recruiting such great-level professionals with ALLSTARSIT.”

Yaniv Mazor - ALLSTARSIT Client

Yaniv Mazor

R&D Group Leader at Yotpo

How ALLSTARSIT expand Yotpo team

"Opening to ALLSTARSIT revealed that the Polish market has an excellent talent pool, and we get outstanding candidates who precisely fit our needs, which is impressive. Our partnership is a great success. It increased our velocity of hiring above our expectations."

Assaf Liebstein - ALLSTARSIT Client

Assaf Liebstein

Data Platform Team Leader at Yotpo

Juganu seamlessly integrated ALLSTARSIT team members into their team

“For us, ALLSTARSIT team members are full-right members of our team, which is why we needed to find the right fit. What we love about ALLSTARSIT team is how fast they act. For us, it is very important, and this is exactly how we work. Of course, we can make mistakes, but what matters to us is how fast we can fix them. With ALLSTARSIT we are counting that in minutes.”

 Mirit Valenci Nakash - ALLSTARSIT Client

Mirit Valenci Nakash

Chief People Officer at Juganu

Netafim values ALLSTARSIT's commitment to employee welfare

“For over five years now, we have enjoyed a successful partnership with ALLSTARSIT, and my impression is that they are a team of excellent individuals who foster a great working environment. Despite having team members located in different countries, our collaboration has always been seamless, without any hiccups or issues. ALLSTARSIT has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the welfare and security of its employees.”

 Yechiel Portal - ALLSTARSIT Client

Yechiel Portal

Head of Release and Support at Netafim

Authomize appreciates the streamlined hiring process provided by ALLSTARSIT

“ALLSTARSIT helped us build the entire team, and recruit high-quality candidates. The process of filtering and interviewing was really successful. They take care of the day-to-day welfare of our employees, and we feel that this is done well, both from the feedback we’re getting and what we see. The peace of mind that we have that the team is in good hands is very precious for us.”

 Ron Liberman - ALLSTARSIT Client

Ron Liberman

Co-Founder & VP R&D at Authomize

Motiv8AI found a productive and fun partner in ALLSTARSIT

“We are super happy with our cooperation with ALLSTARSIT. It’s always a dynamic and positive relationship. Their results are impressive and delivered timely. We have become more than just colleagues — we keep our communication informal and can discuss not only work, but anything else. Our cooperation is both productive and fun, and we hope to keep it this way and grow together.”

Boaz Jacob - ALLSTARSIT Client

Boaz Jacobi

CEO of Motiv8AI

Windward found a productive partner in ALLSTARSIT

“We needed engineers with knowledge of JavaScript and good communication skills, and ALLSTARSIT has met our requirements and recruited an effective remote team. They have also helped us employ the engineers and handle the ongoing management.
ALLSTARSIT works efficiently with us and listens to feedback, which has helped us have a fluent process. We have open communication with them.”

 Eli Zakashansky - ALLSTARSIT Client

Eli Zakashansky

Software Development Group Leader

Our LATAM HQ Office in Bogota

AllSTARSIT Bogota office
AllSTARSIT Bogota office

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